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    Max Contractor Inc. has grown from a small, one dump truck company to a fully licensed, professional demolition,
    excavation and site services contractor with a large fleet of full range equipment.


    Max Contractor Inc. is an innovative leader, one of the first licensed companies to excavate the original residential and commercial areas in Ontario over thirty years ago. Located in  King Township, we work closely with our clients to develop a site budget and timeline. Over two generations in this family-run business, Max ensures only the best for their clients. Using state of the art equipment and a fully trained team of contractors, Max develops the perfect plan to suit your desires.


    Max Contractor Inc. is dedicated to being identified for their integrity, quality of professionalism and hands on approach on all projects. Work is completed on budget, on time and exceeds the expectations of the construction industry.


     Max Contractor Inc. specializes in services for residential, commercial and industrial properties.